Lanzarote is a truly fascinating island. The results of the tremendous volcano eruptions (1730 - 1736) have given it a unique appearance.  

Today, dozens of volcanoes  have engraved Lanzarote’s shape as silent witnesses; lava masses cover wide parts of the southwest and the centre of the island. 

And the volcano island still has many other faces. When you walk the island you will meet a variety of scenic forms, which are of a contradicting nature. Bare and sparse plains and mountain ranges in the south, golden sandy beaches and bays on the coast, a ferociously raging sea on the cliff shoreline of the west side of the island,  the majestically rising "fire mountains" which sent out their bizarre lava rivers, the world famous and unique vineyards of  “La Geria”, the densely covered areas of the  east coast with the capital and the big tourist centres, the vast land areas fit for agricultural use, El Jable - the sandy desert in the west, the north with the precipitous cliffs of Famara, higher up the green valley of Haria  with the magnificent view point “Mirador del Rio” high in the north, and the “bad country”, Malpais, in the north east – a colourful range of landscapes awaiting the visitor. 

When you walk along the easy pathways  to the tops of the volcanoes and mountain ranges, to the lips of the craters, to the hills, the hugely varied shape of the landscapes shows at its best. From here you have phenomenal views over the island or parts of it and can admire its very face and nature.

This photo book with 100 brilliant Photos presents the scenery of Lanzarote from a bird’s eye view.(almost!) all images are photographed from raised positions and present all geographic areas of the island: from the south, to the area of the fire mountains, the centre of the island and up to the north. 

The images are meant to invite you to go on your own discovery tour and absorb the magnificent scenery of Lanzarote. Lanzarote is not only a feast for the senses but also a balm for the soul.


The new photograpy book has an introduction in three languages (English, Espanol, German) contents 116 pages, has a coffee table book format DIN A 5, Hardcover, 200 g/m² fotopaper. Price in Lanzarote: 19€.